Our Story

Reinforcing Houston is a Houston, Texas-based social service organization that is intentional about partnering with the community and other agencies in order to meet the needs of the people.

We service Houston (Harris County) and surrounding cities and counties that would benefit from our array of services and resources.

The programs that we have in place were created to answer the call, solve a problem, and fulfill the needs of our communities. We are always reviewing and evaluating local needs to determine if additional programs are needed. Some of the social determinants of health that many Houstonians are experiencing include (but not limited to), lack, deficiency, or limited access to:

  • mental health care
  • financial resources to assist with basic living expenses
  • food and water
  • literacy and adult education
  • job training
  • health, wellness, and nutrition information
  • substance abuse recovery support
  • healthy family support (children, couples, parents, families)
  • social support for the elderly
  • holistic care
  • art, self-expression, creative outlets
  • exposure to healthier lifestyles
  • and more

Reinforcing Houston was created in 2015 to step forward, partner with those already doing this amazing work, and support our amazing city in serving the great people of Houston and surrounding areas!


To empower and support underserved communities through social advocacy and community service.


To improve the overall well-being of individuals, families, and communities of color by increasing access to care, education, and support.

How can we serve you?

  • Review our current programs.

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